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Write about the environment and the power structure in America

DISCUSSIONS | May 22, 2006

Cornelia Carrier

1976 Nieman fellow; retired, formerly Adjunct Professor, College of Charleston

In the last election there was hardly any mention of the environment. Environmental protection is usually a strong suit for the Democrats but I’ve read that Kerry avoided the issue for fear of losing Ohio and West Virginia. Reporters should question the candidates about their stand on environmental issues, such as:

  • mountaintop removal mining
  • sale of public lands
  • road building in national forests
  • underfunding and commercialization of our national parks
  • lack of protection for isolated wetlands
  • water allocation for agricultural uses or subdivisions
  • acid rain
  • global warming
  • CAFE standards for vehicles

Candidates should be pinned down on their views of American imperialism and the imperial presidency. What is the U.S. role in the world? World policeman? Should we be trying to control other countries with our military? Should the president be granted more powers or should the powers that Bush has claimed be relinquished?

What about the whole issue of “bringing home the bacon?”

Do candidates think that government, in essence, is ruled by corporations?

Is the military-industrial complex, with the approval of members of Congress, calling the shots?

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