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Political, religion writers should get together

DISCUSSIONS | May 22, 2006

Edmund B. Lambeth

1968 Nieman fellow; Director and Journalism Professor Emeritus Work Place: University of Missouri/Columbia Center for Religion, the Professions, and the Public

Religion has become so politicized in the two most recent presidential elections that I sense coverage might be helped if political and religion writers on metro dailies confer with each other more often to identify opportunities to cooperate. The Religion Newswriters Association has done a remarkable job in the past seven years in building online resources. Take a look, for openers, at ReligionLink.org. If you haven't already explored it, I think you'll find it very helpful. Many metro religion writers know these and other ways to mine what had been regarded as an "ineffable beat." That's true no longer. The current ReligionLink issue (May 1) on the "religious left" reflects that. ReligionLink may be a major asset if you don't already know or use it.

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