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Roy Saltman

Roy G. Saltman has worked in the field of election policy and technology for over 30 years. He produced two well-regarded reports in 1975 and 1988 for the National Bureau of Standards (now National Institute of Standards and Technology). His 1988 document recommended the abolishment of the use of pre-scored punch card ballots, widely reported by the media only after that type of ballot made a mess of the 2000 presidential election in Florida. He has authored other publications and has participated in many technical conferences. Since 1996, he has served as a consultant to international organizations and as an expert witness in lawsuits on voting technology. His book, The History and Politics of Voting Technology: In Quest of Integrity and Public Confidence, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in January 2006.



Accurate voter lists: still a goal, not a reality
ASK THIS | March 03, 2006
Expert Roy Saltman on the history and current status of voter registration, including fraud, inaccuracies, laws promoting enfranchisement and what needs to be done.

How much do localities spend on elections?
ASK THIS | February 16, 2006
Estimated costs: $10 per voter (in year 2000); of every dollar 35 cents is for voter registration, 35 cents for equipment and Election Day expenses, and 30 cents for administration.

Think paper trails will make elections secure? It’s not that simple
ASK THIS | February 01, 2006
Roy Saltman, a longtime expert, explains the views of those who insist on a paper trail to record votes, and also the views of those who, in good faith, say there is no need for a paper trail—and that paper trails might not be useful, anyway.

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