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Jonathan Simon

Jonathan Simon is a co-founder of the Election Defense Alliance, a national coordinating body for citizen electoral integrity groups and individuals.

He is also a member of Alliance for Democracy and We Do Not Concede, and has worked closely with several key election integrity organizations, including the National Ballot Integrity Project and the National Election Data Archive. He has authored or coauthored several papers addressing statistical anomalies and other evidence of computerized election fraud, and has collaborated with Bruce O’Dell in the development of an effective handcount sampling protocol to be deployed as a check mechanism where computerized vote tabulation is used.



What makes the media so confident that the election won’t be stolen?
ASK THIS | October 31, 2006
Seriously contemplating the idea that a small group of individuals could change election outcomes is terrifying -- but the alternative could be even worse, says an election-integrity activist who has some questions the press should ask itself.

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