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Jack Lohman

Jack Lohman is a retired business owner with 35 years in the health care industry. He is a freelance writer who volunteers time on election and health care reform. As a life-long center-right Republican, Lohman parts ways with the GOP on the issues of political and ethics reform, both of which have greatly affected the state and national economy, budget deficits, taxes, income inequality, and society as a whole. Money in politics affects all walks of life, no matter what your issue, thus his draw into health care reform and the battle for universal single-payer health care coverage. 



Linking campaign financing to what's wrong with the health care system
COMMENTARY | July 16, 2007
Shifting to public funding of campaigns could be a big first step toward health care coverage for everyone.

Why trust members of Congress to deal with groups that fund them?
COMMENTARY | May 29, 2007
You can call the U.S. campaign financing system bribery or you can call it extortion; both describe a system that has been broken for many years with few signs of Congressional movement to fix it or concern by the press.

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