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Carolyn Lewis

Before joining the Washington Post, Carolyn Lewis was a reporter and news commentator for television and radio, and a columnist for a newspaper in Sydney, Australia. She moved to The Washington Post's television and radio stations (WTOP) where she covered Capitol Hill. She joined the Public Broadcasting Service to cover the hearings on the impeachment of Richard Nixon and stayed on to report Nixon's resignation and several documentaries.

Lewis taught journalism at Boston University and then at the Columbia Journalism School where she was associate professor and associate dean. She is the author of "Reporting for Television," published by Columbia University Press. The book has been translated into Spanish, Italian, and Arabic. She served on President Jimmy Carter's Commission to Investigate the Accident at Three Mile Island. Her articles and essays have been published in The Washington Monthly, The New York Times, The Reader's Digest, Washingtonian, and other newspapers and magazines.



TV hollerers, persuading by noise
COMMENTARY | February 02, 2008
Enough already with the shouting and fist-banging; Carolyn Lewis for one likes a little civility from her TV pundits.

The first rule for live TV: 'Fill! Fill!'
COMMENTARY | January 15, 2008
Carolyn Lewis, a former PBS reporter, talks of the dreaded 'dead time' and what happens to brave and honest talk show guests who sometimes answer a question by saying, 'I don’t know.' (What happens? They tend to not get invited back.)

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