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Don Capps

Don Capps is a retired Army colonel who served in Vietnam with the 75th Rangers as a non-commissioned officer. He retired after 33 years in the military, having served in a variety of positions on the Army Staff. Other assignments include the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA), the US Army Forces Command, the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, the National Guard Bureau, assistant professor at the Citadel, and the command of the Army Training and Training Technology Battle Lab (T3BL). He is currently working in Southwest Asia as the Field Service Representative for the Program Executive Office for Simulations Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) where he had already spent 21 months, returning in early 2009. 



Iraq’s neighbor to the south continues to play a pivotal role for the American military
COMMENTARY | July 07, 2009
Kuwaitis accept the American presence but aren’t exactly comfortable with it. At the same time, unlike almost all other Middle Eastern Arab countries, Kuwait is moving toward democracy. Signs of it include electing women to the National Assembly when as recently as 2004 women couldn’t even vote.

Frustration in the Army officer corps -- the untold story
COMMENTARY | July 03, 2008
Army officers are tremendously stressed out, for a lot of obvious reasons. But they don't like complaining to reporters. A retired Army colonel looks at the pressures created by fighting two wars at the same time – and suggests a few ways members of the media can get beleaguered officers to open up.

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