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Steven Kleinman
Steven Kleinman is a military intelligence officer with twenty-five years of operational and leadership experience in human intelligence and special operations. He served as an interrogator in three major military campaigns in addition to teaching advanced interrogation and resistance to interrogation courses.



'When presented with the choice of getting smarter or getting tougher, we chose the latter.'
ASK THIS | October 22, 2008
An expert military interrogator asks Congress: Why did the special operations community in Iraq in 2003 find it necessary -- and appropriate -- to request interrogation support from an organization whose mission was, and is, to teach resistance to interrogation?

The flawed thinking of the administration's torture advocates
ASK THIS | August 07, 2008
An expert military interrogator wants to know why the president's legal advisers were so intent on rationalizing the violation of longstanding law in order to adopt an approach –- coercion -- that experienced interrogation practitioners agree is not just ineffective, but counterproductive.

Abuse has no place in interrogation policy
COMMENTARY | July 29, 2008
Two veteran intelligence officials write that this country has a long history of successful interrogations – based on seduction, not coercion. Torture not only violates our core values, but leads to misinformation.

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