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David Himmelstein
Dr. David Himmelstein is a co-founder of Physicians for a National Health Program. He practices and teaches primary care internal medicine at the Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he serves as the Chief of the Division of Social and Community Medicne, and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard. He is a co-founder of PNHP and one of two National Coordinators for the first five years of the organization. Dr. Himmelstein co-authored PNHP’s original proposal, its long-term care proposal, and its proposal for financing a national health program. His research focuses on problems in access to care, administrative waste, and the advantages of a national health program.



Doctors ask: Why such poor coverage of single-payer?
ASK THIS | May 14, 2009
Two Harvard doctors, noted ‘Medicare for all’ advocates, say the press, along with politicians, is part of a black-out. They offer some questions that should be asked.

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