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Charles Lewis

Charles Lewis is the founding executive editor of the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University in Washington and the founder and executive director for the first 15 years of the Center for Public Integrity (including its International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, 100 reporters in 50 countries collaborating across borders since 1998.) He also is a former CBS News 60 Mintes producer, and is now a professor of journalism at the American University School of Communication in Washington.





A tribute to reporting national 'moments of truth'
SHOWCASE | April 23, 2012
Investigative reporter and innovator Chuck Lewis taped interviews with journalists who played a role in some of the biggest stories of the past 60 years – national ‘moments of truth,’ as Lewis calls them. The result, ‘Investigating Power,’ is a tribute to good reporting and a reminder of how powerful the press can be when it does what is supposed to do.

The future of watchdog reporting brightens as nonprofit groups organize a new network
SHOWCASE | July 03, 2009
Charles Lewis, a longtime innovator in investigative reporting, describes what he calls “a seismic event in the annals of American journalism”—the formation of the new Investigative News Network.

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