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Stefanie Friedhoff
Stefanie Friedhoff is a German-American journalist and special projects manager at the Nieman Foundation where she directs a specialized fellowship in Global Health Reporting as well as Nieman’s Trauma Journalism Program.  She also develops interdisciplinary conferences on subjects such as Trauma, Journalism and Storytelling), Secrecy and Journalism in the New Media Age, and Press Freedom in Latin America. Friedhoff teaches media literacy for victim advocates and continues to freelances for U.S. and European media. Before starting a career as a freelance correspondent based in Cambridge, Mass., in 1998, she worked for BZ, Berlin’s largest daily newspaper, where she was news editor and editor of the Sunday magazine. Friedhoff was a 2001 Nieman Fellow. Her website is stefaniefriedhoff.com.



Global health: a story rarely told
COMMENTARY | March 22, 2012
‘Today while billions of dollars [in aid] are lost to corruption and dysfunction — and billions more save many lives — both traditional and new media are too often missing this important story altogether.’ (From the Spring 2012 issue of Nieman Reports.)

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