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Paul Posner

Paul L. Posner is the Director of the Public Administration Program at George Mason University. Formerly, he served with the U.S. Government Accountability Office where he was Managing Director for Federal Budget and Intergovernmental Issues for many years. At GAO, he led the agency’s work on the long term federal budget outlook and emerging challenges for public sector finances at federal, state and local governments.

Dr. Posner has published articles on intergovernmental and budget issues in various academic journals and is the author of The Politics of Unfunded Mandates published by Georgetown University Press in 1998. He received PhD in Political Science from Columbia University and was elected a Fellow in the National Academy of Public Administration. He is the most recent winner of the James Blum Award presented by AABPA for exceptional leadership in public budgeting. He has been elected to the leadership of the American Society for Public Administration, and will become its President in 2009.



Washington-centric candidates and reporters: What’s missing here?
ASK THIS | December 17, 2007
Presidential candidates and the reporters covering them are out on the hustings all the time, but they often act as though government begins and ends in Washington.

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