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A book excerpt | Remember 'Hunger in America?' It’s still here
SHOWCASE | December 07, 2008
There was a moment when the press took poverty seriously. And as advocate for the poor Joel Berg describes in his new book, that press attention, back in the 1960s, had a profound, positive impact on public policy. (A book excerpt.)

Not reducing space? | 'Dear Mr. Sulzberger, won't you reconsider?'
ASK THIS | September 06, 2008
A copy of a letter sent to the publisher of the New York Times, regarding the newspaper's decision to do away with a stand-alone Metro section.

Another unfunded mandate | Have you heard: We’ve got new, sweeping welfare changes
ASK THIS | February 08, 2006
News organizations should ask serious questions about the changes in welfare policy that were quietly enacted as part of the Fiscal Year 2006 budget reconciliation bill. They are the most sweeping welfare changes in a decade.

Hunger in America, Part 6 | Reporting on the movement for 'assets development'
ASK THIS | March 01, 2005
The press should report on existing programs and new proposals to enable low-income Americans to earn and save their way out of poverty. (Last in a series)

Hunger in America, Part 5 | Wages and their impact on hunger and poverty
ASK THIS | February 27, 2005
News organizations should investigate whether soaring executive pay and a stagnant minimum wage may be contributing to poverty in America. (Fifth in a series)

Hunger in America, Part 4 | Reporting on the forgotten issue of welfare reform
ASK THIS | February 18, 2005
News organizations should be asking if welfare reform is working at a time of increasing poverty and still-lagging employment. (Fourth in a series)

Hunger in America, Part 3 | Reporting on the link between hunger and obesity
ASK THIS | February 16, 2005
The press should be asking whether hunger and food insecurity may, paradoxically, be increasing obesity in America. (Third in a series)

Hunger in America, Part 2 | Reporting on the real views of the 'armies of compassion'
ASK THIS | February 12, 2005
News organizations should directly ask the heads of private charities, including those that are faith-based, what they think are the solutions to hunger and poverty in America. (Second in a series)

Hunger in America, Part 1 | Reporting on the 'hidden' issue of domestic hunger
ASK THIS | February 10, 2005
News organizations should do a far better job of covering the poverty, hunger, and lack of food security experienced year-round by tens of millions of Americans. (First in a series)