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Wall Street Journal report: In pay, 1 CEO in the U.S. equals 475 workers

ASK THIS | January 23, 2006

Ratio is 20 times higher than for CEOs in Britain, 40 times higher than for those in Japan. How much is too much?

By Morton Mintz

Q. (For Senate and House candidates:) Are our top business executives over-paid? If you feel they are, what would you do about it in Congress, and if you feel they aren't, would you please explain why.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Jan. 21, 2006, that “the average CEO’s salary in the U.S. is 475 times greater than the average worker’s salary. In Japan, it is 11 times greater; in France, 15 times, in Canada, 20; in South Africa, 21, and in Britain, 22.”

The Journal article may be found here, but access is for paid subscribers only.

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