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More presidential press conferences, please

ASK THIS | November 04, 2004

The White House correspondents missed their first chance to ask Bush to hold more sessions with them.

By Morton Mintz

For President Bush:
Q. Will you commit to holding at least one solo press conference a month during your second term? Or at least a good many more than you had in your first term?

On Nov. 4th, President Bush held his first press conference since winning re-election. White House correspondents in attendance would have served the public interest — as well as their own self-interest — by asking about future press conferences. None did. Perhaps one will the next time he holds a solo presidential press conference?

No president in 50 years has held as few solo news conferences. Until now George W. Bush has held only 16. His father had 83. During the campaign, Senator Kerry said that, if elected, he would have at least one a month.

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