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Annette Renner

Annette Renner had this to say when an editor of the Watchdog Project asked her to email us her bio:


After rearing four children and moving with my good husband back and forth across the country, I went back to school and got my law degree - at age 50, I might add. I practiced law with a small state university in Texas until we retired. We are now living in the mountains of beautiful, southwestern New Mexico where I spend my time volunteering and making sure I don't miss any news on the Internet.


I noticed that many of your contributors were with universities or non-profit organizations so I am not sure if a retired grandmother who practiced law for awhile qualifies to be a contributor. Nevertheless, I shall keep on doing what I have done for a long time – asking questions in hopes of getting answers some day.


I have been reading the Nieman Watchdog for some time now, and I really appreciate the work that you are doing. I hope others, especially journalists, benefit from it as much as I do.



Questions about George Bush’s flu pandemic plan
ASK THIS | November 02, 2005
Annette Renner, a reader of this Web site, doesn’t seem to trust the President and she feels the press isn’t too interested in digging for the truth. She’s got a bunch of questions reporters should look into.

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