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Wick Sloane

Wick Sloane, who writes a column, "The Devil's Workshop," for InsideHigherEd.com, is embedded at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, where he teaches expository writing and does odd jobs to investigate higher education from the perspective of the poorest students. He won a fellowship from the Hechinger Institute at Columbia University to write about finances and equity at community colleges. He has written a pamphlet, Common Sense,declaring that the four-year bachelors degree is obsolete. The Center for College Affordability and Productivity will publish the pamphlet later this winter.



First feed the face and then talk higher ed
COMMENTARY | March 28, 2012
Students’ Dickensian hunger and poverty are everyday features and concerns for educator Wick Sloane at his community college – and by extension, in many places like it. He proposes paying students to study, cash incentives for going to the library.

Reporters, can you get the facts and run them by us one more time?
ASK THIS | October 01, 2008
Wick Sloane, MBA and all, has some basic questions about the current financial crisis. Like, for example, does anyone know how close we may be to finding our checking accounts inaccessible?

Who decides higher ed issues? Try the trustees
ASK THIS | February 19, 2008
On key matters at colleges and universities, trustees often have a bigger role than school presidents. Yet, as Wick Sloane writes, reporters hardly ever go to them, leaving many questions unanswered.

Citizen Sloane comes to Washington
COMMENTARY | December 18, 2006
How an uninvited witness put on a blue shirt and a red tie, showed up at a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee and got ever so close to explaining how the nation could fund 2 million new Pell grants.

“Detainee,” “rendition,” etc.: Who needs these words?
COMMENTARY | April 25, 2006
Recalling Orwell: “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

'A crazy idea that the U.S. can educate everyone'
COMMENTARY | March 30, 2006
A Boston hearing by a Federal commission on higher education probably cost the equivalent of two Pell grants. Wick Sloane questions whether it was worth it.

Just who decided that higher education is for elites only?
COMMENTARY | January 14, 2006
Wick Sloane, former CFO of the University of Hawaii system, has an expert’s view of the strangling of college access for so many Americans, and it’s a story begging to be covered by every news organization.

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