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Bill Schiller

Bill Schiller, a 2006 Nieman Fellow, is based in Beijing as the Asia bureau chief for the Toronto Star. Previously he was the foreign news editor of the Star, Canada's largest daily, and before that an award winning Star correspondent with posts in Johannesburg, Berlin and London. He has done both radio and television commentary.



Reporting a textile workers’ strike in Henan province
SHOWCASE | September 08, 2010
Bill Schiller of the Toronto Star: ‘Our arrival sparked a sensation: Police swept in demanding our papers. The crowd swept in on them to make sure we stayed…Then something extraordinary happened: The people applauded us.’

America under Bush is almost unrecognizable
DISCUSSIONS | June 05, 2006
2006 Nieman fellow, was foreign editor at the Toronto Star and previously the Star’s correspondent in Johannesburg, Berlin and London before his Nieman year

What’s next for Canada and the U.S.?
ASK THIS | January 25, 2006
With Conservatives taking power in Ottawa, relations between the two countries, now at a low, could be on the mend. As Nieman fellow Bill Schiller points out, these days, because of oil, we may need Canada a lot more than Canada needs us.

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