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Sean Tipton

Sean Tipton is a founding member of the Board of Directors for the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR), a Washington, DC, based advocacy group dedicated to research into embryonic stem cells and regenerative medicine. He has served as Vice President for Communications and is currently the President of the group. Tipton also serves as Director of Public Affairs for The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the country’s leading organization for professionals involved in reproductive health care and infertility. Mr. Tipton plays leading roles in other advocacy coalitions, including the Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research and the Friend of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). He has worked in advocacy positions in Washington since 1991, including stints with the Endocrine Society and the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.



The politics and science of state-by-state stem-cell research
ASK THIS | February 16, 2006
The ban on federal funding for most embryonic stem-cell research has prompted discussion of state funding. Here advocate Sean Tipton lists the questions he feels reporters should ask to better deal with the issues and status of state-funded stem-cell research.

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