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Jeffrey Kimball

Jeffrey Kimball is professor emeritus at Miami University, the author of award-winning books and articles on the history of war, foreign relations, peace, politics, and ideas, past president of the Peace History Society, a former Nobel Institute Senior Fellow, and a former Woodrow Wilson International Center Public Policy Scholar.



Kissinger gets it wrong again
COMMENTARY | June 20, 2007
Henry Kissinger is arguing that the Vietnam War taught us the perils of military withdrawal. But the true lesson of the Vietnam War is that the continuing presence of U.S. troops will only compound the tragedy in Iraq and the region -- and that Kissinger's own partisan criticism of legitimate dissent will aggravate national disunity in the United States.

The importance of questioning Bush – and his motives
ASK THIS | January 09, 2007
Is it so far-fetched to wonder if the president’s goal isn’t just to delay defeat until after he leaves office? A historian sees a precedent in Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s pursuit of a "decent-interval" exit strategy from Vietnam so they could blame the fall of Saigon on others.

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