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Robert Dreyfuss

Robert Dreyfuss covers national security for Rolling Stone and writes frequently for The American Prospect, The Nation, Mother Jones, and the Washington Monthly. He is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam. His web site and blog, The Dreyfuss Report, can be found at www.RobertDreyfuss.com.



Who's the enemy?
ASK THIS | November 12, 2007
Robert Dreyfuss writes that it's getting harder to find any bad guys in Iraq. So maybe it's time to get out, and cede control to a new Iraqi government untainted by American oversight.

The media’s tragic misunderstanding of Iraqi domestic politics
ASK THIS | July 09, 2007
The conventional media narrative about Iraqi politics misses all sorts of hugely important factors. Robert Dreyfuss raises some provocative questions journalists should be asking about motivations, alliances – and whether the U.S. is backing all the wrong people.

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