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Ellen Tuttle

Ellen Tuttle is the communications officer for the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard where she oversees communication projects, journalism award programs and the foundation’s outreach and development efforts. She previously managed communication projects and media relations for The Christian Science Monitor, promoting the stories of reporters based around the world. She was a newscaster for “Monitor Radio” and has produced international news and public affairs programs for Monitor Television and other broadcast outlets.



Filkins to deliver the 2011 Joe Alex Morris Jr. lecture
SHOWCASE | January 26, 2011
The annual Nieman Foundation event honors both the person chosen as speaker and the memory of Morris, a foreign correspondent for the Los Angeles Times who was killed covering the Iranian revolution in February 1979.

U.S. reverses decision, grants visa to Colombian Nieman Fellow
COMMENTARY | July 27, 2010
Nieman curator Giles cites efforts of various groups in persuading the State Department to set aside attempts at discrediting Hollman Morris, an independent TV journalist.

Craig McCoy of the Inquirer wins the 2010 I.F. Stone Medal
SHOWCASE | June 11, 2010
The reporter has exposed injustice and corruption in Philadelphia for almost three decades; he is said to be persistent, able to penetrate the ‘official fog,’ and imbued with a strong sense of civic right and wrong. And all in all, he is said 'to bring to mind I.F. Stone.'

A Nieman Foundation guide for covering swine flu
SHOWCASE | October 23, 2009
As new outbreaks of H1N1 flu continue to disrupt families, schools and communities across the country and around the world, the Nieman Foundation has put out a comprehensive online guide for journalists. It offers reporters and editors tools to understand the complexities of the disease; debunk misconceptions, and ask the right questions.

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