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Marc Rotenberg

Marc Rotenberg is Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, D.C. He teaches information privacy law at Georgetown University Law Center and has testified before Congress on many issues, including access to information, encryption policy, consumer protection, computer security, and communications privacy. He has served on several national and international advisory panels, including the expert panels on Cryptography Policy and Computer Security for the OECD and the Legal Experts on Cyberspace Law for UNESCO. He currently chairs the ABA Committee on Privacy and Information Protection, and is Secretary of the Public Interest Registry. He is editor of The Privacy Law Sourcebook and co-editor of Information Privacy Law (Aspen Publishing 2003). He served as Counsel to Senator Patrick J. Leahy on the Senate Judiciary Committee after graduation from law school. He is the winner of the 2002 World Technology Award in Law.



Press hits the dumb button on body scanner reporting
ASK THIS | January 11, 2010
Privacy advocate Marc Rotenberg writes that breathless, uninformed media coverage has saved the vendors of digital strip-search devices hundreds of thousands of lobbying and public-relations dollars that might otherwise have to be spent to foist these machines on the American public. Where is the reporting on what these scanners will and won't see?

A little too much license for Homeland Security
ASK THIS | August 19, 2008
Marc Rotenberg writes that news reports on the government’s push to track vehicles by recording license plates have overlooked important issues, such as who the vendors will be, who will make sure the rules are being followed, and how the program will be evaluated.

Follow the data
ASK THIS | June 23, 2004
The government's new "Registered Traveler" pilot program allows the busy airline passenger to trade a lot of privacy for, maybe, a little less airport hassle. Good deal? Marc Rotenberg, head of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, has some questions to consider.

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