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Juan Antonio Giner

Juan Antonio Giner is a founding partner, now president of the Innovation International Media Consulting Group, a consultancy with news media clients worldwide. He is the editor of a quarterly newsletter, Innovations in Newspapers, and formerly was vice dean of the University of Navarra School of Journalism. Giner was the founder of the Spanish chapter of the Society of News Design and served as SND's first European director. 



If no one covers it, is it a revolution?
COMMENTARY | May 23, 2011
Last week Spain was the scene of enormous, continuous demonstrations created, like the Arab Spring, in response to messages on Twitter and Facebook. Called the #SpanishRevolution, the citizen outburst – seeking jobs, more responsive government, and less corruption – has been the largest since the end of the Franco regime in the 1970s. But the traditional news media did their best to ignore it, until it became overwhelming.

Editors, artists chafe at the errors and hype in bin Laden death story graphics
SHOWCASE | May 09, 2011
Some of the graphics that ran alongside the bin Laden death story deserve an A for creativeness but a D or an F for accuracy, as pointed out by Juan Antonio Giner and Alberto Cairo. They call for higher standards for infographics and produce a six-point checklist to insure such standards are met. Signifying the importance of the issue, 58 experts from 22 countries have endorsed the statement and added their names to it.

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