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Nonna Gorilovskaya

Nonna Gorilovskaya is a researcher/writer for the Nieman Watchdog Project. She is an editor-at-large at Moment Magazine and a Ph.D. in politics student at the University of Edinburgh. Her thesis examines the international community's response to Eurasia's de facto states. A former editorial fellow at Mother Jones magazine and U.S. Fulbright fellow to Armenia, she received her B.A. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.Phil. in Russian and East European studies from the University of Oxford.



CPJ tracks where journalists are killed with impunity
SHOWCASE | May 07, 2012
One new resource from the Committee to Protect Journalists ranks countries by their failure to punish the murder of journalists; another offers advice on how not to become a victim.

An interview with Roxana Saberi
COMMENTARY | November 08, 2010
The journalist and author, accused of being a CIA spy and imprisoned in Tehran for more than 100 days, discusses what life is like for ordinary Iranians. She describes a rich, alert citizenry, connected via the Internet and other means despite decades of government suppression.

Wendell Potter, speaking from experience, exposes health insurers’ misleading, profit-driven tactics
COMMENTARY | July 15, 2009
“They are trying to make you worry,” says the former Cigna executive, “and fear a government bureaucrat between you and your doctor. What you have now is a corporate bureaucrat between you and your doctor.”

The Arizona Republic exposes some high-overhead charities
SHOWCASE | May 11, 2009
Working a year on the story, the newspaper uncovers a network linked to a Phoenix televangelist that, on paper, sends donations from one charity to another, taking out great chunks of money along the way.

The State of the News Media: Bleak
COMMENTARY | March 17, 2009
The sixth annual report by the Project for Excellence in Journalism sees 2008 as the bleakest year yet. “It’s not an audience problem or a credibility problem…it’s a revenue problem,” the report says.

Civil disobedience at Coal River Mountain
ASK THIS | February 11, 2009
An activist protesting mountaintop removal in West Virginia says people's garbage is more regulated than fly ash and sludge from coal mining. He asks what gives mining companies 'the right to disregard every environmental law and regulation that we have to protect our air and water?'

The shrinking newspaper
COMMENTARY | July 28, 2008
A Project for Excellence in Journalism report shows more of the same: more staff cuts, less newshole, less foreign coverage, less copy editing. But many editors surveyed see improvements in the product.

Rather, Moyers see deterioration in news coverage
COMMENTARY | June 09, 2008
Rather: Under today's corporate ownership the incentive to produce a good report isn’t there; Moyers says the press in many respects colludes with those in power.

Media consolidation seen as ‘almost unAmerican’
COMMENTARY | June 08, 2008
FCC commissioner Adelstein, others attack mergers and express optimism about change in Washington in 2009.

Media Reform conference opens in Minneapolis
COMMENTARY | June 08, 2008
Focus in part is on charges of failure of corporate-owned media to fulfill the press’s watchdog role and on concern over threats of telecom control of Internet content, speed and pricing. Includes speeches by Dan Rather and Bill Moyers.

Media critics with a goal in mind
COMMENTARY | June 04, 2008
The Free Press media reform group, holding its annual convention in Minneapolis this weekend, has corporate control of news organizations as a main target.

The candidates on the legal justice system
COMMENTARY | April 03, 2008
Where McCain, Clinton, Obama stand on the death penalty, crack cocaine sentencing, minimum sentencing and other issues.

Key McCain, Clinton fundraisers lobby for foreign governments
SHOWCASE | February 26, 2008
A Q&A with Will Evans of the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR). Evans gives a glimpse at how CIR works, and describes a joint CIR/ABCNews.com project pointing out that some of John McCain’s and Hillary Clinton’s leading fundraisers are also lobbyists for foreign governments.

“We all look at the amputees and say, ‘God, they're really lucky' ”
SHOWCASE | September 26, 2006
Parents and siblings give up careers, forsake wages and reconstruct homes to care for soldiers with severe head wounds. Military, VA rehabilitation is seen as falling short.

Is it time to do away with the undemocratic Electoral-College system?
ASK THIS | July 18, 2006
Advocates of electing the president through a direct, popular vote have come up with an ingenious way of doing so without a constitutional amendment – and they may be marching on a statehouse near you.

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