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Lauren Drablier
Lauren Drablier, based in Paris, has a masters degree in international affairs from Sciences Po Paris and a B.A. in art history from Auburn University. She currently works as a freelance in fashion and design. Her years spent living in Egypt, Indonesia, Gabon, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates inform her analyses of current trends in the international press.



Afghanistan, the black hole
COMMENTARY | September 29, 2009
The international press, far and wide, views Afghanistan as Obama’s Vietnam, with the same result expected. Some urge a U.S. pullout, others see the war spreading into Pakistan.

Afghanistan is seen as poisoning the Obama presidency
COMMENTARY | September 08, 2009
The overseas press: Der Spiegel says it’s Obama’s war and a time for “unsparing self-criticism;” al Aribiya says any hope of military victory in Afghanistan is a pipedream. But Pakistan’s Daily Times says “retreat is not an option.”

U.S. health care reform, seen from abroad
COMMENTARY | July 29, 2009
The overseas press: As in the U.S., reports focus on the need for universal health care, cost control, and the high political stakes for Obama.

When Obama talks, the world listens
COMMENTARY | June 08, 2009
International reaction, almost all of it favorable, picks up on many angles of the President's speech in Egypt but there is a call for action as well as words. In one place—Saudi Arabia—commentary is highly critical.

Torture stays in the news internationally
COMMENTARY | May 24, 2009
Some ridicule Cheney – and the media for promoting him – but others see him as at least somewhat successful in his jibes at Obama.

The torture discussion is heating up internationally
COMMENTARY | May 10, 2009
A columnist in Germany’s IDN (In-Depth News) writes: “There is now no question that Bush and company are guilty before the world of enthusiastically embracing a policy of torture in defiance of US law and the Geneva Conventions.” And from the Arab Gulf News: “One of the casualties of international responses to Al Qaida and global terrorism has been human rights and international law.”

Detainee torture, seen from abroad
COMMENTARY | April 25, 2009
Writes a columnist in the Guardian: ‘It might be fun to see Dick Cheney behind bars for condoning torture, but there are more urgent priorities.’ But a writer in Asia Times says those responsible must be held accountable.

‘Obama may have shut up his critics…for the moment’
COMMENTARY | April 13, 2009
International reaction to the rescue of an American sea captain from pirates is favorable toward Obama but with a concern that piracy will continue and become more bloody in the future.

High seas crisis seen as a test of Obama
COMMENTARY | April 11, 2009
The overseas press: As a standoff between the American Navy and four pirates on lifeboat continued, no good answers were seen to the increased activity of Somali pirates.

Obama's plan for Afghanistan, as seen from abroad
COMMENTARY | March 28, 2009
There is some skepticism but overall a sense that he is taking appropriate steps to engage the international community.

Truth commission? Prosecution? Neither one?
COMMENTARY | March 09, 2009
The international press is divided on the question of a truth commission or other probes of the Bush administration. Some say serious political divisions would result, others favor prosecution. And in Calgary, there's a suggestion that Canada bar Bush from entering the country.

All eyes, all over the world, on Obama
COMMENTARY | January 16, 2009
He takes office facing huge crises and high expectations. The East African, in Kenya, says: “As a transitional leader who embodies the effort to reconcile conflicting races and cultures of many kinds, Obama seeks nothing less than to bend the arc of history. This is surely more responsibility than any individual can bear.”

The world focuses on Gaza
COMMENTARY | January 02, 2009
The overseas press: The No. 1 international story last week was Israeli bombardment of Gaza. Much of the overseas press is critical of Israel for the aerial barrage, but some put the blame on Hamas.

A Detroit collapse is seen doing damage globally
COMMENTARY | December 14, 2008
Japan, Germany, India could be hard hit if American automakers are allowed to go under. (The overseas press.)

The overseas press and the U.S.-Iraqi security pact
COMMENTARY | November 28, 2008
Some see agreement for U.S. troop withdrawal by 2012 as win-win; others are skeptical. Al Jazeera interviews find Iraqis holding nuanced views.

Overseas, reality mixes with euphoria about Obama
COMMENTARY | November 15, 2008
His victory is seen as monumental, his talents as enormous and there is great good will. But many have questions regarding what the president-elect can accomplish, given U.S. and world conditions.

An international election, not just an American one
COMMENTARY | November 06, 2008
The overseas press: In Paris, the American nightspots were filled--with French people. In Indonesia, there were 15-minute silences in schools all week so children could pray for Obama. In Great Britain, The Guardian writes that Joe the plumber stood for what used to be a "silent majority" of white working-class Americans but is now a (not so) silent minority. And José the plumber, the newspaper notes, voted for Obama.

Internationally, it's all Obama
COMMENTARY | October 31, 2008
The overseas press: Obama’s half hour on TV Wednesday seems to have sealed the deal. A Turkish writer puts it this way: “People want to see a new America.”

The international media take shots at Sarah Palin
COMMENTARY | October 26, 2008
She is called a disaster, an albatross, a hypocrite. The Guardian predicts that after this election, we will have seen the last of her as a national candidate.

The U.S. is widely criticized in the financial crisis
COMMENTARY | October 14, 2008
The Overseas Press: A Japanese official says, “We made a mess of solving our banking crisis in the 1990s…Washington carefully studied what we did and made a bigger mess.” And in Tehran, there is some gloating.

International media – Presidential debate II
COMMENTARY | October 10, 2008
The overseas press: An around-the-world sampling has Obama as the debate winner on points; the Times of India says the entire world has a stake in the election outcome and wants more from both candidates.

First Obama-McCain debate seen as 'forgettable'
COMMENTARY | September 28, 2008
The overseas press: There's positive and negative commentary about both candidates. The Telegraph said, 'McCain throws punches, Obama talks of a better world.' For some, body language was an issue.

International media are critical of McCain
COMMENTARY | September 21, 2008
The overseas press: A sampling of opinion in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Canada shows harsh views of McCain’s response to the financial crisis. Some say that, as a result, he has handed the election to Obama.

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