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Questions about George Bush’s flu pandemic plan

ASK THIS | November 02, 2005

Annette Renner, a reader of this Web site, doesn’t seem to trust the President and she feels the press isn’t too interested in digging for the truth. She’s got a bunch of questions reporters should look into.

By Annette Renner




Since 2000, it seems to me that we are witnessing a decline in honesty and integrity in politics and a press less interested in digging for the truth so that now I question almost any statement made by a politician or reported on by the press.


Today [Nov. 1, 2005] the President announced his plan to combat a flu pandemic. He stated that only one company in the US made flu vaccine today because drug companies paraphrasing) were being forced out of business because of so many lawsuits (one of his favorite complaints).


Q. How many drug companies were making flu vaccine?


Q. How many of those companies have been forced to close because of lawsuits?


Q. What other causes may have contributed to the demise of the companies?


Q. How big were the companies?


Q. How valid were the lawsuits?


Q. How many other drug companies have been forced out of business because of lawsuits?


Q. Did any of the companies have liability insurance?


Q. And finally, where did the President get his "facts," and how credible is the source?


If anyone has the answers to the above questions, I would love to read them.


Bird flu, mutation, evolution and "intelligent" design
Posted by Steven Forbis -
11/20/2005, 03:09 PM

I wish one of these birds in White House press corps would ask Mr. Bush if the mutation of bird flu to a humanly transmissible form is a result of evolution or "intelligent design." If the latter, what is so intelligent about killing hundreds of millions of people?

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