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The Times finds sharp increases in Democratic registration in Ohio and Florida

ASK THIS | September 26, 2004

[Editor's note:] We ran this item in July. Whether or not you reported it then, it's time to report it now, as the New York Times did on Sept. 26th. The Times found sharp increases in voter registration for Democrats in Ohio and Florida, and increases — but not nearly such sharp ones — for Republicans in those states. The question for you: What's going on with voter registration in your area?

By Barry Sussman

Q. How is new voter registration shaping up?

Turnout obviously determines election outcomes. Democrats and Republicans often make extravagant claims about voter registration drives. Aside from what they say, what can you yourself determine? What do the numbers show compared to past presidential years in terms of Democratic, Republican and independent new registration? (Get baseline figures now; follow up to report important trends when it's closer to the election.)

Aside from registration figures, what can you find out about:

  • Small town, Main Street Republicans. Question: Do low approval ratings for Bush mean a depressed turnout of this crucial segment?
  • Blacks and browns. They have a reputation of staying home — except in crucial elections when their votes count the most.
  • Young people, those between 18 and 34. If they won't vote this time, perhaps they never will. On the other hand, if many do vote, what will their impact be?
  • Women v. men. Polls all year have shown a gender gap. What does it look like now, with John Edwards as Kerry's running mate? [Editor's note, Sept. 26:] Reports on recent polls say the gender gap has disappeared.

09/27/2004, 10:44 PM

It is going to be interesting to see which, side gets more new registration voters after the debates,(I think I will watch fishing instead, All worms look alike to me anyways). I happen to live in the first city that Bush, is going to campaign in after the first debate> Why Bush, would chose, what the book "Best Places to Live",several years ago, declared as the WORST, city in the US to live.To energize, his political acne, after the first debate. Who knows why> Considering, Mansfield, Ohio, main assets, is a "Merry-GO_Round", this kids attractions, is build up the street, from a group home for convinced sex offenders. It is rumors, that the "Merry GO", is were Bush is going to give his Ohio"s speech? (Maybe he looking for some action). I make some calls on Mondays, to sources, I have around Ohio, an let you know. I have heard, that after Kerry was in this city. Their was an increase in Democrats, registering, to vote. For that matter, I will makes some calls, and fine out if that really happen, or just some Democrat's BS. I get back to you people in a week and let you know?

New York Times
Registration drives in Ohio, Florida show gains for Democrats

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